1. Engine:
2. Max Power:
3. Transmission:
4. Battery Space:
4. Starting System:

1. Brakes(Front/Rear):
2. Suspension (Front/Rear):
3. Front/Rear Tire:
4. Drive Train:
5. Fuel Capacity:

1. Wheel Base:
2. Seat Height:
3. Ground Clarence:
4. N.W:
5. G.W:
6. Dimensions:
7. Packaging Size:
8. Max Speed:
9. Max Load:
1. Silver Chasis
2. Single LCD Digital Meter:
3. Alloy Exhaust Pipe:

*Note: This Vehicle is Under Category of ‘OFF Road Vehicles’





It is a fun riding the Bingo ATV bikes as it brings adventure when you hit the track. Installed with low pressure tires having the seat, which is bestrides by the rider. There are handlebars meant for controlling the steering and intended for handling different kinds of terrain as compared to others.
The machine is designed uniquely to beat the others and meet the standards of the clients. Definitely, it stands out among rest due to its smart design and perfect styling. Thus, depending on these features, Bingo ATV bikes are ideal for taking sharp turns. Also, use it for the situations where there is quick hopping.
Atv Motorbike is present in numerous models and one of them is Bingo ATV Bike. If you have one, you are ready for the race. Being a high performance riding and racing bike, it has become one of the topmost choice of the clients. There is one plus point with it that the user can also modify it as per their needs.
Known for its heavy loading capacity and the larger frame keeps the rider safe from debris, mud or dust. Get best prices for Bingo ATV on our website. It is not just used for racing; it has other uses also like border patrolling, construction, land management, law enforcement, wild land fire control, search and rescue and many others. Available with multiple uses, it is the best from the rest. We, at ATV Bikes work with the best technology to deliver the topnotch bikes to the clients to meet their requirements. Come and contact us to avail the best offers.


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