World’s First & Only Programmable AC saver

to gurantee saving WITHOUT increasing your room temperature, with a PAYBACK of 2-7 months Only

  • The most advanced AC saver in the world.
  • Display Room & Coil temparature and climates.
  • Automatically adapts AC to changes in ambient temparature & climates.
  • Easy One-Time Programming for 9-Pt programable menu.
  • Attracive futuristic Polycarbonate, Non-Flamable Cabinate with Remote for Temperature Setting.
  • Easy to install > Wt: 270 gms, Dimensions : 6” (L) X 2.5” (W) X 2” (Ht.)
  • The Airton offers all the controls of a “Precision AC” to maintain Set Temp accurately including ‘Fuzzy-Logic’ fuction & substantially ‘increases’ life of your compressor.
  • APPLICABLE on ALL AC’s upto 20.0 TR, windows, Splits, Ductables, Cassettes, Multi-Splits, etc.
  • SAVES equally on inventers & 5-star/1-star AC’s as well.


how it works

  • Ac’s are only controlled by Mechanical Relay & Timer – thus, have no “intelligence”.
  • The Airton is an “intelligent” microprocessor which operates on multiple algorithms in a “closed-loop” circuit based on feedback from its 2 additional sensors, for Room Temparature¬† & Coil Temperature. This also enable the Airton to adapt to changes in ambient conditions automatically & save electricity.
  • The AC manufacturer pre-sets the AC for the hottest geographical locations.
  • The Airton allows you to program the AC to your climate & geographical locations & automatically adjusts itself to change the ambient conditions to save electricity

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